Flamenco and Andalusia are united by culture. To talk about Andalusia is to talk about flamenco, and that’s why in our museum you can enjoy a flamenco show in one of the most famous tablaos in the city of Malaga. You cannot leave Malaga without experiencing this flamenco show.

This incredible show lasts 45 minutes – almost an hour of guaranteed art. Guitar, song, and dance come together to give shape to this magnificent show. City Expert gives you the opportunity to witness a flamenco show in one of the most renowned tablaos in Malaga in the Interactive Museum of Music. The show features both separate exhibitions of dancing, singing, and music, and also parts of the performance where you can see all three together on one stage.  This is a great way to get closer to Andalusian culture!

Each day a journey through the different Flamenco palos (musical styles) is taken; interpreting songs and dances in the style of Soleá, Alegrías, Tientos, Taranto, Seguiriya, Farruca, Guajiras, Tangos, etc., and is accompanied by accessories that enhance the movements of the dance, such as a long, train skirt, shawl, or fan. The purest and most elegant Flamenco in the centre of Malaga.

Siente de cerca el alma flamenca con un espectáculo mágico en un extraordinario entorno.

  • Enjoy the strength and vibrancy of the art of flamenco.
  • Experience the special connection between artists and the audience.

Be witness to a show filled with music, dance, and song that will delight and captivate you. In the privileged setting of the Interactive Music Museum in the heart of Malaga, you will experience first-hand the magic that is created between artists and audience in a performance that goes beyond a mere musical show.