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Flamenco Jaleo

A quality show, to feel the flamenco soul up close. A walk through its songs and dances, enjoying the colour and strength of this art form.

An experience full of passion, treated with the respect that Flamenco, Intangible Heritage of Humanity, deserves.

Flamenco is known as an artistic expression that connects many cultures, such as Arabic, Jewish and Gypsy, which came to Spain and stayed in Andalusia. It was there that this art, which integrates dance, singing and guitar music, began and developed. The voices, the heel tapping on the flamenco tablao and the guitar playing are the three fundamental pillars of this art that was born in Andalusia in the middle of the 15th century.

The soul of flamenco

Each day a journey through the different Flamenco palos (forms) is made, interpreting songs and dances by Soleá, Alegrías, Tientos, Taranto, Seguiriya, Farruca, Guajiras, Tangos… accompanied by elements that enhance the dance such as the bata de cola, the shawl or the fan. Every day a new show, intimate and direct to the heart. The purest and most elegant Flamenco in the centre of Malaga.

Come and see us

The show JALEO lasts approximately 45 minutes and consists of three artists: guitar, singing and dancing. The show is structured as follows:

Discover the passion, emotion and boundless energy of flamenco music as you enter a world where the guitar cries, the singing shakes and the dancing goes wild. Our shows are an open window to the richness and diversity of this unique musical genre.


19 € (free for children up to 4 years old included)
22 € (Flamenco Show + Visit to the Museum)

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